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Practice Test 5                                                                                        Open Floating Time

True/False Only
Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


The volume of training load is directly proportional to its intensity.


Cross-training is the best way to increase fat loss and calorie-burning for clients who want to lose fat?


Generally, a high rate of acceleration during the movementphase of a sports skill will result in a greater length and importance of the follow-though phase.


Some athletes may begin follow-through too late which can cut short the movement phase.



The “Kinetic Chain Concept” indicates that our extremities consist of several bony segments linked by a series of joints.



Slip and fall is the number one legal claim made against personal trainers by clients?


Most physical activity, particularly those that involve the lower extremity, requires multiple joint activities involving single muscle groups.



Movements involving “Closed Kinetic Chain” are considered to be very functional, particularly for the lower extremities.



When determining appropriate conditioning exercises one should consider the open versus closed kinetic chain demands of the activity through analysis of skilled movements.



All sports involve closed-chain lower extremity activities and open-chain upper extremity activities.



Force gradation allows humans to regulate or control their body movements.



The “Valsalva Maneuver” is when one holds his/her breath while attempting to lift heavy weights or trying to exhale against a open epiglottis.



Proper weight lifting technique involves exhaling during lifting and inhaling during lowering.



Over the counter medications do not affect whether or not a person will develop heat stroke dehydration.



While performing the pull-up phase of a dumbbell bent-over row the wrist and hand perform flexion.



During the return phase of a lat pull-down the elbow is performing flexion



While performing the pulling up phase of a chin-up the shoulder girdle is adducting.



The arm curl exercise is composed of two phases which are the lifting phase and the relaxation phase.



Sole proprietorship and independent contract are basically the same thing with a different name



The chin-up exercise is an excellent exercise for triceps brachii development



The body will gradually, over time, attempt to adapt very specifically to the various stresses and overloads to which it is subjected



Coordination is the first and most fundamental component of biomechanical function.



Because the glenohumeral joint moves from abduction to adduction and backagain, the lat pull is a great exercise for deltoid development.



The push-up exercise is an excellent exercise for upper extremity development but does little for the rest of the body.



Overload may be modified by changing frequency, intensity, and/or duration.



Muscular conditioning is harder to lose than cardiorespiratory conditioning even if the client has not trained in a while



Obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the US



Superior is the positioned above a point of reference.



A system comprised of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is called respiratory system



Positioned farthest from the center of the body is known as lateral


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