Are your clients hitting a training plateau or getting bored with their workout? Are you getting bored using the same exercises? Try manipulating the training variables to bring in some fun factor while staying true to your client’s goals and abilities.

Sometimes we get stuck in a training rut, whether for our clients or ourselves, using the same recipe of exercises we know will bring serious results. To continue to stimulate our muscles, and our minds, these tried and true training plans could use some variety swaps in the session ingredient mix.

The body adapts to the changes that it continually encounters, which is called the SAID principle: Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. Whether this is strength or weight loss, our body gets better and more efficient the more it is exposed to the same stimulus. In order to break through a plateau (or boredom), the demand needs to change so the body will continue to adapt. Change those demands by modifying the acute variables of exercise selection, repetitions, sets, intensity, tempo, volume, rest, frequency and duration. Here are some ways to adjust these demands but be sure your clients’ fitness level and goals are a match for the adjustments.

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