Whether it’s staff or members, how do you close the gap between what is actually happening and the optimal situation?

Do you ever wonder why some task, procedure or something that seems so basic is not happening at your club? What is the optimal result that you are looking for compared to what is actually happening? This difference is known as the gap, and performing a gap analysis is one of your first steps to shrinking this difference.

Think about your club and things that you believe should be done better. More new members signing up and using automatic payment? Less members canceling their membership? A higher close rate on personal training packages? Staff maintaining their CPR/AED and fitness certifications? Trainers keeping their tattoos covered when on duty? Members putting away equipment, especially weights? Wiping equipment down after use? Returning towels? Members achieving their fitness goals?

These are all common situations club owners run into, but how do you fix these gaps and change behaviors? You’ll need to discover what the causes for the gaps are. Here are four key causes to initially explore and consider for many situations:

  • Knowledge and Skills: Do they know how?
  • Motivation: Do they know why, are they confident to do it, and do they care?
  • Environment: Do they have the right resources to do it (this can also include equipment, time, space, and policies)?
  • Incentive: Are they asked to do it, and are there consequences, positive or negative, for doing or not doing it?

Before you take on every gap, also consider how important it is to close. Of course, safety issues are highly important, but other items may require an ROI evaluation, or you may discover it really isn’t an issue but a personal pet peeve.

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