The month of December was all about gatherings with friends and family to celebrate the holidays. With the holidays came food, lots of food, you may have eaten more (or drank more) than you intended, or ate out more than you would have liked. With December behind us it is time to jump into January with some positive mindsets and approaches. January is time to nourish and restore the body with important nutrients that may have been neglected during the holiday season.

In general, your body needs this time to nourish and restore. Healthy eating is not about getting rid of the foods you love and only eating fruits and vegetables. It is about getting variety in your diet and coming up with creative ways to include some of your favorite foods, with a healthier twist, and incorporating fruits and vegetables to these meals.

If you want to jump-start your weight loss and restore your system after the holidays do yourself a favor – do not diet! When did diet turn into something that you are on or off of versus consisting of the foods that you eat? Why does how you eat have to have a label? Sure, a guideline as a plan to follow can make it easier but do not live and die by someone else’s meal plan or what your neighbor, sister, best friend or co-worker did. There is no one right way to eat or a one size fits all approach. You are you! Find what works for you with the balance, variety, and moderation of all foods and nutrients.

So why cook at home?

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