When you see a variety of different exercise equipment choices, do you feel like a kid in a candy shop? As a fitness professional or experienced gym-goer, all of these equipment options probably inspire you to try new moves and push your physical limits. But what about the client who is new to the fitness world?
They may feel overwhelmed, like an amateur do-it-yourselfer standing in the plumbing aisle of a home improvement store for the first time. Read on to discover how to make these exercise toys a successful part of anyone’s fitness routine.

From the regularly encountered gym standards of free weights, stability balls, medicine balls and a host of cable machines, to innovative equipment like the TRX®, Core-Tex ™, Halo®, ViPR™, BOSU®, sandbags, and kettlebells, what you choose and how you incorporate them in a training program can launch a client’s commitment to exercise or turn them off with frustration. Having a client experience success requires that you progress them to these alternate pieces of equipment when they are ready, along with providing them with plenty of positive feedback along the way.

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