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Q: My clients love to read about (and want to try) celebrity and movie-themed workouts. What’s a good way to keep expectations in line?

A: Not everyone comes to the gym ready for the workout they just saw in a magazine, whether it’s Jessica Alba’s dance-based routine for the Sin City sequel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s intense bodybuilding for Hercules, or the now-famous 300 workout. But you can usually develop workouts that resemble whatever they bring you as long as you remember to tailor the programming to a client’s specific needs and goals, not just what the client wants.

In other words, don’t throw a client into a routine they’re not ready for. There may be issues to address—fitness level, strength, mobility—before they can complete a workout of that difficulty. Also, their results will be different than those of their celeb of choice because their body type is probably different and they may not realize the commitment the star has put forth. Celebs train and eat to prepare for roles as if it’s their job—because it is.

That said, workouts should be fun and entertaining. So add some moves or music from a theme-based routine, or make it a fun finisher to the week. You can also use clients’ interest as motivation to nudge them out of their comfort zone. If a guy wants to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club and is struggling on that last set, a mention of “Fight Club abs” may push him to finish.

Expert: Taylor Ramsdell, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, has trained professional athletes, Hollywood stuntmen, well-known actors, and other celebrities at his Chain Fitness gym in Los Angeles.

NASM’s The Training Edge, Nov/Dec 2014

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