Down syndrome

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Heart rate recovery and variability following combined aerobic and resistance exercise training in adults with and without Down syndrome.
Res Dev Disabil. 2012 Sep 20;34(1):353-361
Authors: Mendonca GV, Pereira FD, Fernhall B
Persons with Down syndrome (DS) are at high risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, and there is compelling evidence of autonomic dysfunction in these individuals. The main purpose of this study was to determine whether a combined aerobic and resistance exercise intervention produces similar results in cardiac autonomic function between adults with and without DS. Twenty-five participants (13 DS; 12 non-DS), aged 27-50 years, were included. Aerobic training was performed 3 days/week for 30min at 65-85% of peak oxygen uptake (VO(2peak)). Resistance training was prescribed for 2 days/week and consisted of two rotations in a circuit of 9 exercises at 12-repetition-maximum. There was a significant improvement in the VO(2peak) and muscle strength of participants with and without DS after training. Heart rate recovery improved at 1min post-exercise, but only in participants with DS. Both groups of participants exhibited a similar increase in normalized high frequency power and of decrease in normalized low frequency power after training. Therefore, 12 weeks of exercise training enhanced the heart rate recovery in adults with DS, but not in those without DS. Contrasting, the intervention elicited similar gains between groups for cardiovagal modulation.
PMID: 23006505 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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