C-reactive protein

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Effects of Electro-stimulation Therapy on Recovery from Acute Team Sport Activity.
Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2012 Sep 19;
Authors: Finberg M, Braham R, Goodman C, Gregory P, Peeling P
PURPOSE: To assessed the efficacy of a one-off electro-stimulation treatment as a recovery modality from acute team sport exercise; directly comparing the benefits to contrast water therapy. METHODS: Ten moderately trained male athletes completed a simulated team-game circuit (STGC). At the conclusion of exercise, participants then completed a 30 min recovery modality of either electro-stimulation therapy (EST), contrast water therapy (CWT) or a passive resting control condition (CON). Twenty-four hours later, participants were required to complete a modified STGC as a measure of next-day performance. Venous blood samples were collected prior to, and at 3 and 24 h post-exercise. Blood samples were analysed for circulating levels of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C-Reactive Protein (CRP). RESULTS: The EST trial resulted in significantly faster sprint times during the 24 h post-recovery when compared to CON (p<0.05), with no significant differences recorded between EST and CWT; or between CWT and CON (p>0.05). There were no differences in IL-6 or CRP across all trials. Finally, the perception of recovery was significantly greater in the EST trial when compared to the CWT and CON (p<0.05). CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that a one-off treatment with electro-stimulation therapy may be beneficial to perceptual recovery, which may enhance next day performance.
PMID: 23006673 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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