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An Approach to Estimating Gross Efficiency During High Intensity Exercise.
Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2012 Sep 19;
Authors: de Koning JJ, Noordhof DA, Uitslag TP, Galiart RE, Dodge C, Foster C
PURPOSE: Gross efficiency (GE) is coupling power production to propulsion and is an important performance determining factor in endurance sports. Measuring GE normally requires measuring VO2 during submaximal exercise. In this study a method is proposed to estimating GE during high intensity exercise. METHODS: Nineteen subjects completed a maximal incremental test and 2 GE tests (1 experimental and 1 control test). The GE test consisted of 10 min cycling at 50% peak power output (PPO), 2 min at 25 W, followed by 4 min 100%PPO, 1 min at 25 W, and another 10 min at 50%PPO. GE was determined for the 50%PPO sections and was, for the second 50%PPO section, back-extrapolated, using linear regression, to the end of the 100%PPO bout. RESULTS: Back-extrapolation of the GE data resulted in a calculated GE of 15.8 ± 1.7% at the end of the 100%PPO bout, in contrast to 18.3 ± 1.3% during the final 2 min of the first 10 min 50%PPO bout. CONCLUSION: Back-extrapolation seems valuable in providing more insight in GE during high intensity exercise.
PMID: 23006833 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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