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Personal Trainer Exam Collection is the best, fastest and guaranteed way to prepare for your Certified Personal Trainer certification.

This collection is precisely prepared to enhance your understanding about the concepts and creativity of designing best programs for your clients. 

Charts and notes cover answers to every possible range of questions that might be asked in CPT exam.

Charts include images and diagrams related to exercise and training plans, program desing concepts, muscles and human body parts with descriptions and small notes pointing to important variablels which will help you to score high in your Exam.

Videos and Notes provide extra knowledge and support.

These charts and notes are collectable collection which will not only help you to score good in your exam but also help you after the exam as a quick reference, I myself often came back to these charts for reference after 10+ years of experience as a athlete, bodybuilder and a health and fitness professional.



Topics included in Charts

  • Flexibility Variables
  • Core Exercise Guides
  • Balance Training Phase
  • Cardiorespiratory Training
  • SAQ Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Reactive Training
  • Behavior Modifications for Health and Fitness Professionals
  • Basic Exercise Science- Muscle (Example LINK)
  • Applying the OPT Model
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Spine  Vertebrae
  • Design Concept Slides
  • Design Variables
  • Program Design Stabilization Endurance, Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy
  • Observation Techniques for overactive/underactive muscle groups
  • Exercise Zones
  • Power Training Phase
  • Program Design Concepts
  • Suppliments
  • Special Considerations 
  • Special Population Essential Vocabulary

* Charts are printed on Linen 11'' x 8.5'' paper, This paper offers 25 percent cotton fiber content and fine linen finish, making it perfect for archival use & durable in hard conditions.

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Interactive Training Environment CD

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Topics included in Videos CD

  • Basic Anatomies for Neurons, Heart, Digestive system, Flexors, Muscle spindles, ACL Tear, Myosin & Actin, Neuron synapse, etc
  • Core Stabilization for Advance, Beginners and Intermediate clients (Example LINK)
  • Body Weight Strengthening exercises Lower body, Trunk, Upper body, etc
  • Posture Assessment videos Forward Head Posture Treatment, Posture correction rolled hunched over shoulders protruding head, etc
  • Posture Correction videos Correction of Forward Head, Standing Pelvic Tilt, Exercises for Posture, etc
  • Resistance Tube exercises for Home Clients Stability, Resistance, Chest press, Rotator cuff exercise, etc


Topics included in Notes Important Chapter's, Easy to use 2-on-1 printing (stapled separately) to reduces the amount of paper, Carrying and folding of thin material is easy

  • The Scientific Rationale for Integrated Training
  • Basic Exercise Science
  • The Cardiorespiratory System
  • Human Movement Science
  • Fitness Assessment ----- pdf EXAMPLE
  • Flexibility Training Concepts
  • Cardiorespiratory Training
  • Core Training Concepts
  • Balance Training Concepts
  • Reactive(Power) Training Concepts
  • SAQ
  • Resistance Training Concepts
  • Program Design
  • Special Population
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Behavior Modification and MORE


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