Why do we need hip opening poses?

Most of us sit…a lot. We sit when we drive to work, we sit at a desk, we sit at home. Even cycling, or at the gym with certain ab and weight training exercises, our hips are flexed and can become tight. It doesn’t matter whether the movement is when you are exercising or at rest. Excess hip flexion increases tension in your hip complex and the less active you are (the more you sit) can mean your muscles are short and weak. Yoga is a great way to build balance in your body as well as releasing tension. There are so many benefits to the practice of yoga. Its all encompassing nature and time tested success, with over 5,000 years of refinement, has made yoga a transformative practice that continues to gain in popularity.

In order for your body to be balanced and to feel and move well, you must stretch and strengthen opposing muscles. This should be a regular practice so that your musculoskeletal system will remain balanced over time. Many of us carry tension in our body that is difficult to release. We spend much of our time flexing or stretching our muscles, but many of us, including those with chronic pain, do not get the release needed to reset our movement patterns. Yoga focuses on breath and mindfulness, giving this practice the power to really transform the body’s potential. After doing the hip opening poses in this article, you will begin to transform hip tension into relaxation and ultimately create balance in your structure.

With a surge of new fitness apps, wearable devices, and wellness technologies, trainers are beginning to enter the next level of smart coaching with the potential to garner more money from clients that are getting better results.

This January, at the world’s premier technology conference, Consumer Electronics Show, influential fitness brands such as Under Armour, Fitbit, Matrix and MYZONE impressively showcased how their brands are promising to move the needle of fitness for health consumers, gym owners, and savvy fitness professionals- all through the use of digital health.

As the pulses from millions of devices signal the growing trend of digital health as a household name, the uncomfortable truth is that a majority of personal trainers still remain in the dark about just exactly how to use them with their clients.

Money trails and step counters all point to the power of increased connectivity and accountability for users on and off the gym floor, but the educational gap around how to use this new technology for trainers is growing wider every day.

The solution, as shown by an sharp increase of digital health coaching platforms since 2014, is to use the cloud to leverage a trainer’s time, energy, and expertise into leading small connected accountability groups through virtual touch points.

Digital Health Group Training

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